Ammunition Primers

What Is A Primer In Ammunition? 

The primer is one component of ammunition. A primer is the piece accountable for beginning the propellant discharge that will force the projectiles out of the firearm’s barrel. Today, a primer can commonly be found incorporated into the base of a cartridge. Ammunition Primers

Primers are one of the least frequently talked about pieces of ammunition due to the fact that you don’t want to thoughtlessly switch or swap it out. It is widely known that testing new lots of ammo components, especially the propellant, but primers won’t only vary lot to lot, they differ significantly in their impact on any load.

What Hits The Primer Of A Bullet?

The firing pin strikes the primer, causing it to burst. The spark from the primer’s burst torches the gunpowder, making the primer an extremely important component of the ammo. Without the primer, projectiles wouldn’t be able to eject from the gun barrel. CCI Ammunition 209M SHTSHL Primer

The Parts Of A Primer

A primer is constructed of a brass cup filled with lead styphnate, a combustible compound. Lead styphnate explodes on impact. Lead styphnate starts as a liquid in the manufacturing process. The compound is poured into the brass cup and then a triangular piece of metal, also referred to as the anvil, is set in. This happens while the compound is still in a liquid state. Remington LG Rifle Primer

Primer Varieties And Sizes

Primers are made in four different types and two different sizes. The sizes are small and large. These are rifle and pistol primers. For an example of sizes, .223 Rem. uses a small primer and a .308 Winchester uses a large primer.

Although pistol primers and rifle primers share common diameters, they are not the same. What makes the primers different is the components they are created from. Rifle primers regularly obtain a hotter flash and a tougher cup. Be sure to use the correct primers, along with the correct ammunition for a rifle and a pistol, never switch them up.

Learn More About Primers

Primers are a crucial component of ammunition that does not receive the information coverage it deserves. Without primers, the initiation of the projectile would not occur. If you have questions about ammunition components and primers